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Which is better, China or Japan

2022-06-26 12:03Football inspirational short film
Summary: In the 8 collective ball games of the Tokyo Olympic Games, why did the three Chinese women's teams score better than the men's teamThe eight collective ball games of the Tokyo Olympic Games are
In the 8 collective ball games of the Tokyo Olympic Games, why did the three Chinese women's teams score better than the men's team
The eight collective ball games of the Tokyo Olympic Games are ball games. They are football, basketball, rugby, hockey, baseball, handball, volleyball and water polo. According to the data, all the Chinese male athletes in the eight collective ball categories of the Tokyo Olympic Games did not qualify, and all of them missed the Tokyo Olympic Games. China's three big ballsWhich football powers are there in the world
The football powers in the world are New Zealand. The 2011 Rugby World Cup was held in New Zealand. Nearly 1billion spectators around the world watched the final between New Zealand and France. Finally, New Zealand won the world cup 8:7. Australia. After each seasonThe Chinese football team is very poor. What is the ranking
If it means rugby, it's not bad You can see the weekly rankings on the official website of the International Football Association (rank by points.) As of June 27, 2016, the Chinese men's team ranked 68th in the world with 39.58 points, and Hong Kong, China ranked 22nd with 59.03 points The world ranking of the Chinese women's team is 24th, with 46.7 points
The rise of Japanese sports in an all-round way! What aspect of their sports is stronger
They also gained their own families, and the fans also sent their blessings to AI Fukuhara. In the world, not many countries attach importance to table tennis, a sport in which the waves behind the Yangtze River push the waves ahead. China and Japan are the only countries that can win a showdown in the world competitionHow to evaluate the Chinese women's football team's victory over the Japanese football team to win the life and death battle
I think this game showed the morale and high fighting spirit of the Chinese women's football team, because from the process of this game, we can see that the Chinese women's football team is indeed very hard-working and hard-working in this regard, and the cooperation between the teams is also very good. So the Chinese women's football team can beat the Japanese football teamWomen's 7-a-Side Rugby Japan suffered a 48-Which is better, China or Japan0 defeat. Netizens said that it was unbelievable that this was the Olympic Games
On July 29, Beijing time, in the women's Sevens Rugby Match of the Tokyo Olympic Games, the Japanese team and the Australian team created an astonishing score, and the Japanese team defeated Australia 0-48. Such a disastrous defeat, Which is better, China or Japandirectly sent the game to the microblog hot search. Netizens said: "I can't believe this is the score of the Olympic Games
Which country has the best football
Rugby is a vigorous and elegant men's Sport (women also participate in it, which is not interesting). Rugby requires a lot of players. It is impossible without a strong body and indomitable spirit. In the team, the size of the players varies greatly. The forwards are tall and strong men, and the defenders are usually smart and agile. Chinese people know little about football and misunderstand itMain achievements of Chinese women's football team
At the Asian Games, women's rugby became an official event. Since the Chinese women's football team won the first bowl level champion of the women's 7-man Rugby World Cup in march2009, their goal in the Asian Games is, of course, the champion. At the 2010 Guangzhou Asian Games, the Chinese women's football team narrowly defeated Kazakhstan and Tanzania to win the second placeIs Ichiro Suzuki in Japan the same as Yao Ming in China
Yes, he is very famous in Japan, but Yao Ming plays basketball while Ichiro Suzuki plays baseball in Japan. To tell the truth, there are more people watching baseball in Japan than in China. It began in the spring, and men, women, old and young all went to help. Professional baseball players are well paidHow ice hockey and rugby are played in China and what are their achievements in the world
After Japan, South Korea and Kazakhstan, China has a rugby national team. The men's rugby 7-man system is second only to Japan and Hong KongWhich is better, China or Japan. The men's rugby 15-man system ranks 49th in the latest world ranking. Asia's 6th women's rugby 7-man system owes Japan in Asia
Which is better, China or Japan

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