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Football inspirational video download

Five man Rugby

2022-06-30 17:03Football inspirational video download
Summary: Fifth personality how to use football introductionItem name: Rugby fifth personality Rugby details item effect: after using rugby, you can hold the ball and accelerate the sprint forward. After exhaus
Fifth personality how to use football introduction
Item name: Rugby fifth personality Rugby details item efFive man Rugbyfect: after using rugby, you can hold the ball and accelerate the sprint forward. After exhaustion, you will fall into vertigo for a period of time. The striker holds additional benefits: after using Rugby to accelerate the sprint, the vertigo time of the striker is reduced by 100
How to use the forward's football in the fifth personality
How to use rugby balls
Fifth, what is the role of personality football
Football can sprint forward. Press the skill key again to stop sprinting and stop breathing for 1s. When the striker uses football, he can hit the supervisor. The supervisor will retreat and will be dizzy after hitting the scene. The dizziness time depends on the sprinting distance. Other characters use football. Only the sprinting effect football is a progress cFive man RugbyonsumableThe prototype of the fifth personality solitary Walker
The prototype of the fifth personality is the prophet. The fifth personality is based on the theme of terror, but it is actually a game of hide and seek. In the initial modeling of the forward, he is a football player with a big helmet on his head. Because of the football clothing, the proportion of his body looks very heavy and incongruousHow long can the fifth personality forward football skills be used
There is no limit to the number of times forward football is used, but it is not unlimited. Rugby will consume endurance according to the distance and time of the sprint. It can't be used after the endurance is usedFifth personality how to use Rugby skills
How to use the fifth personality football? Rugby can be seen in our suitcases. People often drive Rugby until they can't use it. This prop is really difficult to control. There is also the skill of our forward. The football that the forward brings is the football we have found. You can use the skill with propsThe fifth personality forward football skills can be used for a long time is not unlimited
It's not unlimited. There's a durable thing like that. When it's used up, there's no athlete → forward (the player is renamed as forward) a detailed explanation of forward skills olive player: carry a football with you. After using the footbalFive man Rugbyl, you can hold the ball and sprint forward quickly. After exhaustion, you get dizzy. Super physical strength reduces the vertigo time of athletesWhat is the use of rugby in the fifth personality
The function of football is to make you accelerate, which can last for 6-8 seconds, but you can't control the direction halfway. If you hit any obstacle, you will stop accelerating and fall into a hard and straight state for 1-3 seconds
Fifth personality can football smash people? Can it vertigo the supervisor
Yes, but only the forward character has the effect. The forward will be dizzy when hitting people with the ball, and will be dizzy when hittFive man Rugbying the wall for a longer time
What's the use of fifth personality football
Can collide with the supervisor and cause temporary dizziness
Five man Rugby

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